Ten reasons to use newspaper inserts

1. Impact: Preprints tend to slide out of the paper demanding to be read

2. Control: Advertisers control, size, color, pages, items, reproduction with a preprint

3. Targeting: With newspaper inserts advertisers can cost effectively distribute, by zip code or by market and everything in between.

4. Flexibility: Newspapers can deliver single sheets, cards, and catalogs, they can distribute large format and small, heavy stock or light, and on the day needed

5. Efficiency: Newspaper inserts are cost efficient in terms of distribution costs often able to deliver for less than 5 cents a household.

6. Date Specific Delivery: Newspapers deliver inserts on the day chosen as opposed to within a window of time. Sunday delivery or daily.

7. Environment: Because newspapers are a welcomed guest in a subscriber’s home, inserts coming in newspapers are more likely to be seen and read.

8. Response/results: Newspaper preprinted inserts can achieve redemption rates of up to 10% depending upon the offer. Inserts have a proven results track record.

9. Deadlines/Timing: Newspapers can accept preprints on a shorter lead time than other distribution vehicles allowing the ultimate in advertiser responsiveness to market conditions, product and pricing needs.

10. Saturation: Newspapers are able to distribute preprints to the masses. Both subscribers and non-subscribers can be reached through the typical newspaper program.

Ask your Hood County News marketing consultant how you economically can reach all of Hood and Somervell Counties with inserts. We offer complete service from design to printing and inserting-all at competitive prices.