Ten reasons to use newspaper ROP advertising

1. Portability & Flexibility: Newspapers are portable, and ROP (Run on Press or display advertising) as part of the editorial, is more likely to be carried. ROP also allows ultimate control of size and position.

2. Specificity: Advertisers can request to have their ads in specific sections that appeal most to their customers; e.g., tire ads in sports sections.

3. Reader Involvement: Newspaper readers are not passive (like television or radio users). They have to spend time on a page reading an article, which means longer eye contact with adjacent ads. According to NAA’s Consumer Usage of Newspaper Advertising study, over two thirds (68%) of newspaper readers regularly read or glance through ROP advertising when reading the newspaper.

4. Avoidance of Clutter: Newspaper ads offer a less competitive environment.

5. Reach: You can reach prospects in addition to customers. Newspapers offer the fastest way for an advertiser to reach a local mass market.

6. Superior Audience Quality: Whether it is higher income households, higher educated households or households holding higher level jobs, newspapers do even better reaching a higher demographic audience. . In 2010, more than 73% of adults with $100,000 or more household income read a newspaper in an average week., 80% of College graduates read a newspaper in the past week Professionals involved with management, business and financial operations, more than 70% read a newspaper in the past week.

7. Editorial Environment: It builds incremental credibility for the advertiser.

8. Immediacy: ROP has the shortest deadlines of almost any medium and can produce immediate results for advertisers.

9. Permission Marketing: Readers buy their newspapers and look forward to ads, especially in the Sunday newspaper.

10. Selectivity vs. Intrusiveness: Turning pages is faster than a speeding remote control.

Ask your Hood County News marketing consultant how you can put your message in the hands of all of Hood County readers.