Advertising Elements: What works in newspapers

The Study Goal

• Examine how basic characteristics in ads can increase their effectiveness

• Nearly 2,000 respondents in 10 markets across the nation viewed 650 display and display classifieds ads in various categories

Key Measures

Noted: Did you see or read any part of the ad?

Associated: After you saw or read ad, did you now who advertisers was?

Read Some: Home much of then did you read: Less than 1/2?

Read Most: How much of the ad did you read? 1/2 or more?

Size of Ad Matters

• The larger the ad, the higher the rating for Noted and Most Read

• Full-page ads scored 40% higher than 1/4-page as in Noted and Most Read categories

• 6-inch ads Noted 59% as often as full-page ads

Color Works

• Full color increases Read Most by more than 60% and Noted by 20% over back and white

• While not as effective as full olor, two color (or spot) offers a good alternative to black and white

Make it Visual

• Ads containing 50% visuals were Noted 30% more often than ads with no visuals

• As that are 75% visuals were Noted 50% more often than ads with little or no visuals

• The same ads also scored 60% higher on Read Most

The More Visuals, the Better

• As the number of visuals increases, so does readership

• Four to nine visuals boost Noted by 30% over ads with fewer or no visuals

• As with 10 or more visuals are 55% more likely to be Noted than ads with fewer or no visuals

• On ads with 10 or more visuals, Read Most scores jump by 70%

Show the Product in Use

• Ads with photographs or illustrations showing people increase Noted score by nearly 25% over ads without people or no visual at all

• Showing the product attracts readers 13% more often than not showing the product

• Product in-use ads gain an additional 13% boost over those with product-only shots

Show Not One, but Several Products

• Ads with multi-product visuals are 25% more likely to attract readers

• They also increase an ads in-depth reading by 40%

• However, too many products (or information) detracts from an ads effectiveness, particulary for small ads

Show Then the Money

• The more pricing informatoin included the better

• Ads with 10-12 prices are Noted 80% more often than ads with fewer than seven prices

• Too many prices can confuse readers focus pricing information on important items

• Sale pricing draws attention 20% more often while also increasing in-depth reading

The Postion on Positioning

• A strong creative execution will perform well regardless of ad postion

• First large ads in a section, center spread or back page placement increase readership. Otherwise, remaining positions are all equally effective

• The presence or absence of adjacent complimentary articles has not influence on readership

• A large number of ads on a page have no clear affect on readership

10 Recommendations for Advertisers

1. Keep your ad execution focused on a strong benefit message

2. Run a larger ad whenever possible

3. Use color to attract reader’s attention

4. Emphasize the visual

5. Opt for photographs over line art or no visual

6. Show the product, preferably in use

7. Display prices, but not too many

8. Emphasize the promotion

9. Make sure text can be read, especially with reversed type, and type over type or visuals

10. Don’t worry about ad position

Source: Roper Starch Worldwide